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Is a kitten a good Christmas present?

Kitty Under Christmas TreeWell, I see two problems with giving someone a kitten for Christmas.

  1. You have to be sure that person is willing to take care of the cat – for YEARS to come.  Too many young cats end up at the city pound, after that cute, fluffy stage has passed.
  2. You have to figure out a way to hide the kitten until Christmas.

If you decide to gift a kitten, after you have introduced the kitty to its new owner – it is best to take the kitten back to a quiet room where it can hide and be protected from the noise, people, and commotion of Christmas. The kitten will be confused, missing its mother and brothers and sisters, and frightened in a strange, loud place. 

In addition, I recommend that you include kitty supplies such as a City Kitty Climber, a scratching pad, water bowl, brush, high-quality food, and a litter box.  You might also consider including a veterinary gift card, to help with the cost of the kitten’s vaccines, and spay or neuter surgery.

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