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Cat in the Christmas Tree

This is really a challenging problem – figuring out a way to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree.  We like to climb trees to start with, and all those dangling lights and ornaments are just too tempting to resist.  Now some owners have come up with a few ideas that will discourage the less daring ones of us.

1.  Spray your cat with a water bottle when it gets in the Christmas tree.  Hello!!!  There’s electricity in there, keeping those beautiful lights sparkling.  I don’t think that’s such a smart idea.

2.  Secure netting around the bottom layer of the branches with twist ties.  That might keep some cats down, but I could jump right over that netting.  And what if my claw gets caught in the netting?  I could pull the entire tree down trying to get loose!

3.  Now, I hate to tell you this one because it works.  There is a cat-training product called Sssscat.  It’s actually an aerosol can that automatically releases a harmless, non-toxic spray when a  cat approaches forbidden areas, such as the kitchen counters or your Christmas tree.  Just “Google” Ssscat, and you will find plenty of places to buy it.

4.  Here’s another idea that works.  Buy a City Kitty Climber for your cat – so your baby has a “legal” place to climb safely.

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