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Seriously? You want me to wear that?

Cat in Santa hatYou want me to dress up for Christmas?  Now some cats adore being dressed up. They have several outfits, and will stand for hours while you dress them up and pose patiently while you take hundreds of pictures. 

Other cats tolerate letting you dress them up with silly clothes.  They don’t like it.  There are other things they’d rather be doing.  But they love you, so they let you have your fun.  

But as for me – I’m totally against the whole thing.  I don’t like cat clothes.  I don’t like Christmas outfits.  And I look silly in a Santa hat.   Now if I were a short haired cat, and we lived in a really cold climate, I might appreciate the extra layers.  But I don’t, so would you please get that silly hat off of me!  You don’t want to see what will happen to the hat if I do it myself.

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