Why I roll over on my back …

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Cat showing stomachOnly special people ever get to see my stomach – much less rub or scratch it. To tell the truth, whenever I roll over and ask someone for a belly scratch, this is the ultimate compliment that I can pay to a human being. This means …

  • I really love you.
  • I’m very comfortable around you.
  • I trust you completely.
  • I feel totally secure around you.
  • I’m trying to get you to pet me or pay attention to me.
  • I want to play now.
  • My back itches and I’m trying to scratch it.¬†

My stomach area is actually the must vulnerable body part of my body. If I ever fall asleep on my back and you are in the same room, my trust in you must be way out of sight.

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Why I like to stretch …

August 18, 2011 1 comment

Cats love to stretch.I’m really glad you asked why cats stretch so much. Officially cats stretch to tone their muscles, similar to the way you stretch your muscles before beginning an excercise session. S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g causes the veins to be compressed, quickening the rate of blood flow for purification to my heart after the sluggish flow that occurs when I’ve been kicked back, snoozing for a while.

But I have a lot of other reasons for stretching every chance I get.

  • I am a hunter by nature. Stretching gets me ready in case a mouse comes by.
  • I like to show off my luxurious fur.
  • I like to flex my muscles when people or other cats are looking.
  • I take little cat naps all day, and when I wake up – it gets my energy fired up.
  • Sometimes my back is arched, which means I’m feeling mad or threatened.

What I’ve always wondered about is why you humans stretch so little?

You can learn about the purrfect place for me to stretch at CityKittyClimber.com

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